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“Funeral” is a new TV commerical launched by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) which looks at relationships in a different light, through a woman at her husband’s funeral. Ultimately, the TVC celebrates the beautiful imperfections that make a relationship perfect. This is fresh off MCYS latest Viewers’ Choice 2008 win for last year’s Family TVC which promotes the importance and value of family bonding. 
This is the Singapore Funeral commercial from Ministry of Community Development.


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I was browsing a local forum recently and came across a group of young people discussing what brand of fresh milk is the best, and cheapest. I can understand the need to watch one’s budget, especially when one is young and starting out on a career, but I think they missed a very important point – milk may not be necessarily good for them. I couldn’t resist penning a response to the topic, which I reproduce below:

“Medium to long term consumption of dairy (and this includes fresh milk) has now been proven to cause breast cancer in women and prostrate cancer in men.

The notion that we should drink milk for calcium so as to prevent brittle bones has since been debunked by a study undertaken by Harvard University. This is just but one article on it: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0820/is_n243/ai_19986663/

As to the reasons why we have been brainwashed to think that dairy is good for us, now that’s a long story. Do your research. All I will say here is that it involves the big farms, the big companies that produce these dairy products. In short, its about BIG profits.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with milk from cows, or goats, for the matter. Similarly, there is nothing much wrong to consume red meat now and then. It is not the animal’s fault. It is the way we do farming now, especially the way we feed these animals. Long ago, cows and goats ate GRASS. Now they eat a mixture of corn, soy and wheat – basically junk food for animals. What happens when these animals eat this junk food? Their bodies become imbalanced – they now have much, much more omega 6 in their bodies compared to omega 3. If they ate grass, God and nature had intended that there is a perfect balance of omega 3 and omega 6 intake (a balance close to 1/1). If they eat corn and soy, the resulting imbalance in our bodies (yes, after consuming their milk or meat) is as much as 1/15, even 1/40. If you want to know what this does to your body, go research. A clue – cancer.

I have not even mentioned about the pellets they feed to pigs and chicken and cows. Add all this up and you will get my drift.

So here we are, eating all this dairy, supposedly good for us and enjoying our steaks. What we are actually putting into our bodies are zero nutrients, bad omega 6 and best of all – chemicals (that the animals consume).

I do not mean to be a bringer of negative news. After all, its your own body and your health and that shouldn’t be my business. 

Just thought you should be informed. 

P.S. Forget about asking doctors about nutrition. Most of them know next to nothing about it. They DO NOT TEACH nutrition in medical schools, period. Want proof? Ask any relative or friend who has undergone major surgery, especially for cancer. When they ask their doctors what they can eat after the surgery, 99% of doctors will advise “Eat anything you want.” So go ahead and eat your bak kut teh, steaks, satay, char kway teow, barbecued delights, etc…..”

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His dad invented Baskin-Robbins ice cream.

The house he grew up in had a pool
shaped like an ice cream cone.

He was offered the opportunity to take over his
father’s company and become worth hundreds of millions.

Instead, he went vegetarian. Why?

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Review Of The Top Tier Cancer Fighting Products

Whenever you are killing cancer cells, you must support your detoxification system so that it does not become overwhelmed. There are several products important to take, especially at first, if you are weak. They will help reduce detoxification symptoms too.

Liver Balance Plus and Kidney Rescue are herbal formulas (tablets) that provide about 60% of the total support for both organs. High quality products. Their sister product, Seasonal Rescue, supplies the other 40% along with immune boosting and cancer fighting herbs. You may want to take quite a bit of these products at first and then stick with the Seasonal Rescue for continued use. UltraLiver8 uses the cancer fighting Reishi mushroom and other herbs not found in Liver Balance Plus to further repair and detoxify the liver while at the same time helping to fight cancer.

In addition, you will need to support the lymphatic system as it is responsible for getting rid of many cancer cells. Lymphatic Drainage is a formula that has been used by many doctors to support the lymph system and to get it flowing.

Zeolite acts as a powerful cancer cell killer… after it supports the detoxification system by grabbing hold of toxins. Because both the liquid and the powder would work in the body in slightly different ways, it does make sense to use both if affordable.

Cellular Zeolite. Four to eight bottles a month, supplying 15 drops three to five times a day is a therapeutic dosage for this liquid zeolite. 60 drops 4 times a day, which is about 24 bottles a month, is being used by some who wish to be super aggressive in their fight. Cellular Zeolite has little taste, can be put in food, fluids or even right on the tongue, with or without meals, so it is very easy to take. Drink plenty of water to eliminate any possible detoxification symptoms.

Cellular Zeolite is more concentrated than other types of liquid zeolites, absorbs more toxins, is better purified and safer to use as there is no danger of bacterial contamination. In addition, it is the most proven product for fighting cancer effectively.

(This is a very long article with numerous recommendations. To see the full list of ‘weapons’ read here.)

If you do have time on your side, chances are very high that employing these strategies will stop and even reverse your cancer because they correct the underlying conditions that allowed the cancer to develop in the first place. Plan on continuing a cancer fighting regime for at least a year. Even after the cancer is gone, you need to be supporting the body to help it recover so that the cancer doesn’t come back a year or two later.

These strategies won’t help you if you decide to do nothing. They are safe, natural supplements, they won’t hurt you in any way. They will only do good in your body. Use them in addition to what your doctor has you do, or use them on their own.

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