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We are very sad to advise you that Mohd. Shafiq passed away this morning (1st Aug) at 10.45 am very peacefully at the Pediatric Ward of HKL. Our friends, Salleh and Azizah visited Shafiq this morning as they could not come for his birthday party yesterday afternoon. According to Salleh, our young friend spoke to his father and asked him whether he loves him and his sister. After his father confessed that he does love them very much even though he is not there with them most of the time, Shafiq just closed his eyes and slipped away. Before that he was still lucid and could recognise Salleh and Azizah.

I was in KL this morning…..so my boss instructed me to go over to HKL. When I arrived there at about 12.45pm, the hospital staff was taking Shafiq for “mandi jenazah”. Roslini told me that they have arranged for the hospital van to take Shafiq back to Kepala Batas, Penang and that would cost RM 300. At that point,I decided that we ( the ASI group) should make a final contribution for his final journey home. So I gave Roslini the RM 300.

We are very happy we managed to celebrate his 11th birthday on  Sunday 31st July….his room in HKL was packed with relatives and friends. Hau Kiang, Merlyn, Sarkawi and his wife were there as well. Shafiq requested Kat to make a birthday cake,spaghetti with lots of tomatoes in the sauce and also requested for  a Power Ranger toy which Sarkawi, our lead singer bought. Shafiq spent most of the time fixing the Power Ranger toy with one hand (which Sarkawi could not fix with both hands)…later he ate the spaghetti all by himself with only his left hand. Watch the videos in our  blog later and you will be amazed how a bed-ridden 11 year old boy uses only one hand to feed himself and fix things.

We shall be putting up a memoriam note on Mohd Shafiq on the blog shortly.

To all those who have contributed in one way or another over the last one year, we would like to express our sincere thanks on behalf of the family.The family appreciates it very much.


Sek Yee and Khadijah


Shafiq is a young teenager residing in Serendah, Selangor. He has cancer and his left leg has already been amputated. The cancer has spread, and the doctors now want to amputate his other leg and his right hand. What else would he have left? In his dire condition (he takes morphine to reduce his pain), he still manages to smile and tries his best to see the positive and still have fun. Your prayers, and donations, are most welcome.



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