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If you own an iPod, iPhone, iPad, MacBook or any other Apple device, I guess you would agree that Steve Jobs is a genius. But genius or not, cancer doesn’t care. Once cancer gets you, its an uphill battle from that moment on. When I looked at Steve Job’s picture, taken after his shock resignation from Apple, it looked all too familiar to me – the frail, gaunt, skin and bones look. This is an image I have seen too many times, and it brings back painful memories of the time when my wife was stricken with cancer. It also brought back the fears associated with this evil sickness …..

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The Dismal Success Rate of Chemo

Chemo has a success rate of less than 3%. If you were to invest in  a business and you were told that your chances of making a profit is less than 3%, would you put your hard earned money into this business? I don’t think so. Yet, everyday, thousands of cancer patients put their money, and blind faith, into chemotherapy (and wholeheartedly believe everything their oncologist tells them).

Read HERE for a report on chemo’s dismal success rate (thanks, Cheah, for the link!)

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When it comes to preventing cancer, there is really no mystery in how to do it. It is a song I have been singing many times. Yet, cancer is on the rise, year after year. As technology becomes even more cutting edge, that illness called cancer doesn’t seem to care, and with steely determination, it marches on with its evil intention to kill as  many people as it can.


But if you care, here are 7 ways to slash cancer risk.

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