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I am reproducing my reply to an email sent by a friend (name/details removed) who is organizing a mid-spring walk + BBQ over in Melbourne, something that happens quite often over there. My friend has recovered from cancer and is enjoying life over there in Australia!
Hi (removed),



Actually, I do not advocate becoming a true vegan, as quite a few vegetarians also get cancer. Besides diet, the other major causes of cancer would be stress and inflammation-related causes.


I think one has to be balanced, and yes, when we are of that ‘golden’ age, we must enjoy life too! So eating the occasional bah kut teh or char kway teow is fine.

There is however one caveat though. Once a person has cancer, even a small amount of bad food may awaken the cancer within. As you know, there is no such thing as getting rid of all the cancer in the body. The medical establishment only hopes for what they call a remission. The alternative cancer treatment establishment’s greatest wish is for the cancer to ‘sleep’ and remain asleep for many, many years. Either way, the cancer is still in the body.

So I guess what I am saying is that certain groups of people who ‘had’ cancer should be extremely careful with their food intake and stress levels.

In any case, who am I to give advice? It’s just that I have seen enough to know and still continue to see many real-life cancer patients whose only sin was to enjoy their steak or satay, unknowingly awaken their cancer from its sleep. And when cancer returns, as it inevitably does in many a case, it comes back with a vengeance.

Do take care, my friend.



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Hi! Randolph,
Thanks for your article.  I suppose it depends on how healthy one wants to be and the extent of care to take.  Yes! a couple of my friends have turned vegetarian.  And Yes! a number of friends and varsity mates my age have “departed”  -Bless Their Souls!
Over here in Aussieland – I can almost say 100% of households will have one or more BBQ sets at home.  A lot of them will also have a  Pizza Oven.  In my case – our family will have BBQ functions about 4-5 times a year — mainly over the summer months.  It is somewhat a tradition and also an easy way to party.
Buy an assortment of meats; marinade them overnight; BBQ them.  Have some salads;  fry some noodles and cook a pot of curry and some roti chanai.  Then it is all go – with drinks – wine, beers, soft drinks, water – to suit individual.
As for me — going to be 65 shortly;  I try to be careful but not extremely at either end.  Am not a vegetarian nor a huge meat consumer — somewhat in between.  I reckon, at my age – just take life as it comes along.  Not 100% fit nor without ailments as one would expect of a 20 year old, but not too bad overall considering my comments above regarding some of my late mates.
My bladder is much better after the course of BCG treatment + a couple of follow up cat scans;  biopsies etc.  However, my urologist is somewhat perplexed by some strange looking cells in my urine samples — he reckons it is not cancerous even though he is completely happy with the results of all the biopsies he has taken — kidney, bladder and prostate.  I did not tell him that I have been, in a way self treating – with various natural products + my exposing the bladder to the sun whenever I can.  So having said that “No Worries”.
Meanwhile – take care
(name removed)

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