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A Damning Opinion

The following post appeared in a local forum recently. The writer tells of how a seemingly careless oncologist at a local hospital contributed to her father’s death. I reproduce the post in its original, unaltered form. I sympathize with this person’s loss and it just goes to show how blind faith in our doctors and oncologists may lead to undesirable consequences.


“my dad just passed away last 2 months of lung cancer

when he found out, it was just 2nd stage…but later on spreaded to lymph nod
the whole battle lasted for 1 year plus

Been thru 2 radiotheraphy and 3 Chemo…but of no help at all
He did all these with the oncologist, Dr Christina (UMSC, now in Sunway)
Being my own opinion, i would say she’s an unethical oncologist.
She’s recommend expensive and not so useful chemo to my dad, and we believe in her all the while.
And if u look carefully in the bill, she charged consultation fee on days even when she did not turn up.

She even suggest my dad to have the Chemo straight after a radiotheraphy. Even the radiotheraphist himself said to my dad, the doctor must be crazy, it’s a must for the patient to rest for 2 weeks before he proceed with any other theraphy.

So then we realise and transfer to another hospital. The other oncologist look at the medical record and told us the approach she took was all the way wrong. And since she already use such high dosage on my dad and so many times….there’s no use of having any chemo anymore…

We were hoping to try other things like herbal remedy…but that time he was too weak and coughing blood continuously…
it’s just too late to try anything…

how could she turn a 2nd stage patient into a dead body
damn her!”


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