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When an individual, trained as a doctor, is diagnosed as having cancer, new meaning is given to life. Dreams, plans and priorities change overnight. Suddenly, the greatest wish becomes as simple as wanting to feel well, be able to eat, and be free of pain. Finding the perfect partner in life, a beautiful home and lovely children are things that are now all placed on the back burner.

It is a sad fact in life that when things are fine, people have no time to appreciate how lucky they are. Only when things go wrong do they start looking for peace of mind, wellness, and God. I am always surprised that so many people choose to go on a path of reckless living, and eating (all sorts of rubbish) like there is no tomorrow. They will learn eventually, sometimes too late.

The UK-trained doctor I was talking about is Dr. Mas Afzal, who I would like to refer to as a friend.

Please visit his inspiring blog: http://www.masafzal.blogspot.com/

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