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Cancer’s best friend is sugar. Whenever sugar, in its many forms, is introduced to a cancer-stricken body, you can almost hear the shouts of joy coming from those very evil cancerous cells. Its like giving a child all the candy he/she ever wished for, with one difference. Cancer, unlike the child, does not appreciate the gesture. Instead, it goes about wrecking more damage on the body. You see, cancer has only one aim – to kill you in the shortest time possible.

Fortunately, cancer also has powerful enemies. Chemo is one such enemy, but at the same time, it is also a mortal enemy of your healthy cells. A body in an alkaline state is extremely unfriendly to cancer. But it is not easy to keep the body constantly in an alkaline state. In fact, it is not good to remain in an alkaline state too long, as this also causes other problems. A highly oxygenated body is also cancer’s great fear. But there are not many ways to keep the body constantly oxygenated. Unless you are consuming Cellfood.

I first heard about Cellfood when a family member asked me to get my American friend to bring along a few bottles of Cellfood the next time he visited Malaysia. Now, brought upon by circumstances, it is my turn to seek out alternative treatments and Cellfood is a product I would certainly recommend.

It has always surprised me that conventional, or so-called modern medicine (and this includes every hospital in Malaysia) still pays very little attention to building up a cancer’s patient immune system. All they do is give you a drug to solve one problem, and then another drug to solve the next problem. Sometimes, while trying to solve a problem with a specific drug, they actually create another problem somewhere else in the body. I have yet to hear a doctor, surgeon or medical specialist say “Let’s focus on building up this patient’s immune system, so that the body can fight the cancer better. In the meantime, we also try to take care of the cancer.” What you will probably hear from these medical experts is “We are not looking for a cure. We are looking to create a better quality of life for the patient.” Translated, this means surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Cut, burn and destroy.

Do not be fixated on the cancerous cells. Focus more on the remaining healthy cells – make them stronger so that they will help in the body’s fight against cancer. When a cancer patient finally succumbs to cancer, it is usually not the cancer that killed the patient. It is the failure of an organ or organs to function, and this comes about because the body’s immune system is too weak or helpless to do anything to keep these organs functioning.

When I first held a bottle of Cellfood in my hand, I was thinking “How can this little bottle filled with water help a cancer patient?” I was soon to put it to a test.

I have a little cyst on my back, below the neck (left side). The doctor says its just a common cyst, and sometimes it will flare up, mostly it will just remain there, a tiny lump. Want to get rid of this problem? Just remove it surgically – no big deal. I squeezed a drop of Cellfood onto my finger, and applied it directly on the cyst. I was surprised at the reaction. It felt a little like applying some antiseptic onto a wound – there was a slight burning sensation. Just a drop of ‘water’ did this. I continued to apply a drop of Cellfood, twice a day. After a few days, the burning sensation disappeared and the cyst began to dry up. This is still a work-in-progress but I am impressed what so little (just a drop) can do. A cancer patient consumes anything from 8 to 30 drops of Cellfood in a glass of water, from 3 times a day to drinking it every hour. It is like pouring oxygen into your body. As for the cancer cells facing Cellfood, it is either a terrible nuisance or a formidable enemy that seeks to finish them off before they can deal a fatal blow to the patient.


Cellfood is supposed to be the creation of one Everett Storey, who is claimed to have won two Nobel prizes. There is no such winner listed in the Nobel prize website (http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/lists/all/). So what does this say? You form your own opinion.

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