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I was sent a sms this morning saying that a friend, CK, had succumbed to his cancer.

It was in early September 2008 in Sunway Medical hospital (I mention this hospital with some anger) when I met CK’s wife, Irene, sitting by the elevator outside the ward. Rokiah was recovering from the operation to remove the tumor in her colon and I was taking a break from bedside duty and was sitting on the couch near the elevator when I noticed Irene. I asked her why she looked so distraught. She told me that her husband, CK, has been diagnosed with cancer.

CK had lasted longer than most with pancreatic cancer, and I know this to be mostly due to his tremendous fighting spirit. One could sense his will to fight with everything he could muster if you read his writings in his blog.

CK tried an alternative cancer treatment initially, but gave it up for what he called “evidence-based medicine”. Someone like me will always wonder if he could have done better if he didn’t continue with evidence-based medicine’s toxic treatments. And for those who believe that religion alone can cure cancer, they too will be wondering if CK would have lasted even longer had he placed his life in the hands of his God. CK talks about both in his blog.

I knew something was wrong when he stopped writing in mid-January this year. That blog entry on January 13th, “A Blessed Life” would be his last. I wish you peace and a blessed life in your new world, CK.

CK’s Blog.

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