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Have you ever heard of a “P.E.T. Scan?” When using a PET Scan a technician will give a cancer patient a solution of radioactive glucose (i.e. a radioactive tracer or tagged glucose). Since cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than normal cells, the cancer cells will absorb 15 times more of this radioactive glucose than normal cells.

The result is that when they do the PET Scan the cancer cells show up in the X-Ray.

Orthodox medicine thus knows how to target cancer cells. If orthodox medicine were truly interested in curing cancer, don’t you think they would look for ways to “tag” glucose in such a way that the glucose targeted cancer cells and killed them? In other words, don’t you think orthodox medicine would look for a way to target cancer cells with the intent to kill the cancer cells rather than simply have them show up on an X-Ray?

Such a cancer treatment does exist!! But rather than use glucose it uses DMSO (Dimethylsulfoxide). Essentially:

1) The DMSO “binds” to (i.e. chemically attaches to) certain kinds of chemotherapy drugs, then

2) The DMSO (which always targets cancer cells) will target the cancer cells, and

3) The DMSO will drag the chemotherapy into the cancer cells, and

4) The chemotherapy (which is now able to target cancer cells) will kill the cancer cells.

Normally, chemotherapy targets “fast-growing” cells, meaning normally chemotherapy does NOT target cancer cells. But wih this treatment chemotherapy targets only cancer cells. Only very small doses of chemotherapy are needed and there are no side-effects from the chemotherapy since all of the chemotherapy targets cancer cells.

There was actually a medical doctor who used this DMSO / chemotherapy treatment (called “DMSO Potentiation Therapy”). But rather than give that medical doctor the Nobel Prize for curing cancer, the FDA raided his office and shut him down permanently.

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