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From a friend, David Haas (http://www.mesothelioma.com/blog/).

How Fitness Can Help Cancer Patients

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be an emotional as well as physical challenge. While the maid methods of treatment remain medical options like radiation and chemotherapy, there are many other more holistic approaches to healing that certainly play a part in the mental and physical aspects of health. A cancer patient, whether he or she was recently diagnosed, is undergoing treatment, or is in remission currently, can greatly benefit from physical exercise. While the type of exercise, along with endurance and intensity, may change throughout the treatment process, it is still a vital element. Here are a few ways that physical fitness can help cancer patients throughout their journey:

After Diagnosis: When a cancer patient first hears he or she has cancer, it can be incredibly traumatic. Before treatment starts, it might be frustrating to decide what to do. A doctor might have already outlined the medical plan of action, but until then nerves, sadness or anxiety can cause depression in many patients. While your body is still able, enjoying physical activity can be a mental stimulant. It reduces feelings of sadness and can help you to clear your mind and sleep better, all of which will help you fight cancer.

During Treatment: Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, whether for breast cancer, mesothelioma or anything in between, can be exhausting. Fatigue, sickness and loss of appetite are common side effects. However, by participating in some level of physical exercise, you can reduce those symptoms. Exercise also releases endorphins, making you feel better and have less of a negative outlook on life and recovery.

In Remission: After a battle with cancer and physically demanding surgeries and treatments, your body won’t be back to full health. Lack of appetite and muscle loss can often result in a thin and weak body, while others gain weight from a lack of movement and exercise during recovery. To create a strong and healthy body, exercise plays a large role, along with a nutritious eating plan. There is extensive research being conducted on how physical exercise can reduce the chance of cancer recurring in your body.

Throughout the stages of cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery, physical exercise can play a huge role in a patient’s physical, emotional and mental well being.

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