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Letters like this, from Jason (New York, US), makes working on this blog/website so worhwhile ……………..


I want you [and any interested readers] to know that my blood tests for cancer markers have all shown Negative since a short time after starting my “SSG + 4 other herbs” capsules over 7 months ago. A friend in Malaysia is assisting me, by ordering, picking up, then shipping the 4-herb + SSG capsules, as well as accepting the responsibility of handling my funds for this. This is not an ad, as I don’t intend to sell anything.

She also located a Herb Shop in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia that produces a 12-herb powder [in tiny individual dose Zip-Lock bags] which also strongly checked to be beneficial for ME, via Kinesiology. I had her ship me a 3 month supply of those, also.

I can only communicate through her, as the Herb Shop guy, as well as the SSG guy, cannot understand any English. She is fluent in Malaysian, English, Chinese and a couple more.

When the first batches of capsules and powder ran low, I had her ship both together for my second 3-month supply. Later, she did the same with my more recent supply.

Because of my unrelated problem [a chain-saw / tree cutting accident!] I spent 5 weeks in hospital, and put off the follow-up colonoscopy I had planned.

All of my blood tests showed “no-cancer-markers-found” when Primary Care Physician submitted them to two different Labs, following  my beginning SSG [+ other herbs]. ALL blood tests for ~1.5 years earlier had shown *presence* of these markers.

After only 2 weeks on the SSG 4-herb capsules, and immediately prior to receiving the first 12-Herb shipment, I began seeing NO evidence of bloody stools [except for several isolated examples observed over many months.

I realize this is still only anecdotal one-person info, I strongly believe these herbs are very helpful, to me. I would have less confidence if not for BOTH: [1] the good blood tests and [2] the cessation of dark stools. {Bad blood tests had shown problems had existed for many, many months — and several years of dark stools, until I just ignored them, prior to them stopping two weeks after I began SSG/Herbs.}

I am grateful to you, and your site, for first making me aware of SSG, and leading me to search for other things often required to enhance SSG in treating cancer. Kinesiology indicated that SSG alone would only be ~15% beneficial to ME, and I recalled your advice for us not to seek a “cure” with only one tool.

I was already avoiding all red meat for decades, but immediately began a much greater campaign to avoid ALL products containing sugar, including fructose. More than one site said including a green apple helps increase SSG effectiveness, so I added 1 Granny Smith [green apple] daily.

I immediately stopped my “unsweetened” Concord Grape Juice, which I had used daily for years to keep my cholesterol down. No white* sugar present, but very high in fructose. I am taing some natural things for cholesterol control — and seeking others.

The same week I refused a Rx for a cholesterol lowering drug from my Primary Care Physician, a report came out it was so bad, it was being taken off of the market. She is the same one I dare not tell “I am taking herbs for colon cancer” because she told me several years ago, “Don’t take any herbs — they will kill you!” I almost agree with her, because they must be taken with supervision, careful selection … I will be happy to share the info with her, when/if there is proof that my colon cancer is past history.

Such wonderful news, Jason!  Randolph

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