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Sweet Potato Kills Leukemia Cells and Fights Multiple Cancers: You may now want to indulge in extra sweet potato. Researchers have discovered that a simple hot water extract of baked sweet potato killed up to 65% of human leukemia cells in vitro. This follows other studies showing that this amazing vegetable also kills lymphoma and liver cancer cells.

But sweet potato’s health benefits are not limited to lab studies. A study from Japan showed premenopausal women eating sweet potato (or potatoes) more than three times weekly had 30% less breast cancer risk. In other studies, sweet potato was associated (along with other foods) with reducing risk of kidney cancer by 56% and gallbladder cancer by 67%. Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of antioxidants like beta-carotene, vitamin C, and manganese, along with B vitamins and the alkalizing mineral potassium.

Not only do they have a low glycemic index, but they’ve even been shown in a clinical trial to help reduce blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity in adults with type II diabetes! It may even help with weight loss: a new study has just shown that sweet potato actually reduces appetite and food intake (in mice)!

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