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Yesterday, in the early hours of April 12, 2010, Long Thin Kay went to meet his maker. Long had first written to me through this website on February 2 this year. He had asked for my opinion on B17. I replied and talked to him on the phone, and met him a few weeks later. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October 2009 and as usual, chemotherapy was recommended, and taken. His health started to deteriorate thereafter.

Although I did not know Long very well, I followed his ‘progress’ with interest and concern. I was concerned that the chemo had done great damage to his immune system and that there may not be enough time for alternative treatments to reverse this damage.

I also had the opportunity to meet Long’s young daughter, Haze. I find her to be intelligent, talented, and with the potential to succeed in her chosen field. Although she did not have the best of relationships with her father, she is still his only daughter, and with his passing, is now without parents. She has written ‘The Last Chapter’ on her blog, describing the last months of her dad’s life, her sometimes contentious relationship with him, the joys, and most of all, the sorrows. It is beautifully written and I will leave it to Haze to tell her story…..Rest in Peace, Long.

The Last Chapter

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