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Since my last post, Michael Douglas has now completed his radiation and chemo treatments. If you recall (see my original post), he said his doctors gave him an 80% chance of recovery. Either Michael Douglas or his doctors (or both) must be dumb. 80% recovery from 4th stage throat cancer through radiation and chemo? Read the latest on his ‘recovery.’ I note that his doctors are advising him to eat more to regain the 30lbs he lost while undergoing treatment. Its very likely the doctors are telling him to stuff himself with meat, meat and more meat. Gain weight, that’s the objective. Read what his friends observed when they saw him after the radiation and chemo. Does it look good to you?


Date: Friday Dec. 17, 2010 11:01 AM ET

Michael Douglas plans to attend the Golden Globe awards next month.

The 66-year-old actor – who recently completed radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment for throat cancer – has been ordered by doctors to “take it easy” but is hopeful he can attend the ceremony, where he is nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in ‘Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps’.

His friend Alan Burry revealed: “Michael would like to go to the Golden Globes. He is planning on going.

“Michael can’t yet return to work and he can’t work out physically, he has been ordered to take it easy and get his energy levels up.”

As well as being ordered to rest by doctors, Michael has also been placed on a special diet to help him regain the 30lbs he lost during cancer treatment.

Alan added to RadarOnline.com: “Michael has to eat a lot now to gain back the weight and help him find his strength again. That’s one of the hardest things when you have been through the medication and treatment. He needs to gain weight.

“He looks thin, it’s true, but that is because the chemo eats everything in someone’s body.”

While Michael is said to be doing well in his battle with the disease, some onlookers were shocked by his frail appearance on a recent trip to Disney World in Florida with his wife actress Catherine Zeta Jones, 41, and their two children Dylan, 10 and Carys, seven.

One source said: “He looked frail and sick… he most definitely looked like he needed the wheelchair.”


I hope it is not the Hollywood actor in him talking when Michael Douglas says he has a 80% chance of recovery from his 4th stage throat cancer. And this recovery is through radiation and chemo.

I wish him the very best but I do not share the same rosy outlook…

One by one, celebrities with cancer are killed off by the cancer industry and its extremely toxic (even inhumane) treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. The next potential victim is actor Michael Douglas, who recently revealed he is suffering from stage 4 throat cancer. While Douglas has the courage to admit his cancer was likely caused by his “smoking and drinking,” he hasn’t yet found the courage to question the toxicity of conventional cancer treatments. So he’s undergoing several weeks of chemotherapy and radiation “treatments” (if you can call them that).

According to his doctor, Douglas will undergo eight weeks of radiation combined with two rounds of chemotherapy. “Together, it has proven to give a good chance for a cure for the disease,” says Dr Kevin Cullen, director of the University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center. Apparently Dr Cullen is unaware that chemotherapy and radiation never “cure” cancer — they only temporarily shrink tumors while increasing the risk of cancer throughout the body.

One of the most prominent side effects of chemotherapy is, in fact, cancer! The same is true for radiation. These are both cancer-causing interventions in human biology. Instead of boosting immune function, they compromise it. And while they may temporarily shrink cancer tumors, recent research reveals that they don’t eliminate cancer tumor stem cells that can easily re-grow the tumor once the treatments are finished.

That’s why so many cancer tumors grow back after chemotherapy and radiation — the tumor still exists! Merely shrinking it is not an accurate gauge of any real reduction in the risk of the tumor growing back.

The only sure way to stop a cancer tumor from growing back is to change its environment by altering your exercise, diet and intake of anti-cancer foods, superfoods and medicinal herbs. By flooding your body’s cells with anti-cancer nutrients such as vitamin D, selenium, vitamin C and plant-based nutrients, your risk of growing cancer tumors is greatly decreased (by as much as 77% from vitamin D alone, according to the scientific research).

Chemo is the wrong choice

Celebrities who choose chemotherapy and radiation are usually the ones quick to die from their cancers. Patrick Swayze died after receiving chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer; Farrah Fawcett died after chemotherapy for anal cancer; Peter Jennings died after chemotherapy treatments for lung cancer; Tony Snow died after chemotherapy treatments for colon cancer.

But celebrities who choose a healthier, more holistic treatment plan seem to do much better. Perhaps most famously, Suzanne Somers overcame her own breast cancer by turning to natural remedies and a holistic lifestyle.

Sadly, Michael Douglas appears to be following in the footsteps of Patrick Swayze rather than Suzanne Somers. This is sad because Douglas is a phenomenal film actor and we’d all like to have him around for a few more decades so he can continue to contribute to his art. While chemotherapy isn’t guaranteed to take his life, it sets in motion an accelerated biological decline caused by the undeniable toxicity of chemo (not to mention the radiation).

Following these treatments, we are likely to see Michael Douglas age more quickly, suffer impaired cognitive function, show worsening skin health and experience increased fatigue. These are all things that may prevent him from pursuing his work, thereby denying us the joy of seeing him appear in more films.

What cancer docs won’t tell you

While it’s true that radiation and chemotherapy can shrink throat cancer tumors, that alone isn’t enough to restore a person to true health. Following any such cancer treatments, patient should be strongly encouraged to get more vitamin D, consume anti-cancer nutrients and even take nutritional supplements that can boost their immune function.

Sadly, oncologists are currently telling their patients none of these things. In fact, many cancer doctors insist that their patients avoid taking antioxidants, medicinal mushrooms or any source of antioxidants, claiming they might “interfere” with the chemotherapy.

In this way, oncologists doom their patients to pain, suffering and often death. That’s why chemotherapy is often called “physician-assisted suicide.” It’s a way to kill yourself while enriching the drug companies that manufacture chemotherapy agents.

What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy agents are derived from highly toxic mustard gas chemicals used as chemical weapons in World War I.

They are so toxic that pharmacists are getting cancer just from handling them.

The No. 1 side effect of chemotherapy is cancer. But it also causes “chemo brain” (the destruction of brain cells) and damages the liver and kidneys.

In choosing chemotherapy and radiation, Michael Douglas has bet his life on the illusion that conventional medicine is telling the truth about cancer. But the industry is actually lying to us all. Cancer is a multi-billion-dollar industry that preys upon the nutritional ignorance of the public while turning human beings into profit machines by promising them “treatments” that only worsen their health.

And sadly, Michael Douglas is the latest victim to be targeted for cancer industry profits.

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