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My last published article for the golf magazine.

Like life, everything must one day come to an end. To some, the end may be sad. For me, it is a chance to do things I have had no time to do, and an opportunity to give more attention to my core business.

It is happy times ahead…

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Randolph’s World used to be the name of my column in a local golf magazine. For slightly more than three years, I ranted about anything and everything in the golf world. Did I have fun doing (writing) my own thing? Yes, even though I find the local golf industry inhabited by some very small-minded, self-serving people. People like the long-time golf writer who, in the men’s locker room in a golf club somewhere in Kinrara, proudly declared “I am the best golf writer in Malaysia.” He obviously hasn’t heard of that phrase “blowing your own trumpet” or was oblivious to the fact that his small audience that day may not have shared his wonderful opinion of himself. Or people like the editorial “chief” in a local golf magazine who has this habit of always looking over his shoulder, afraid that the next smart writer that comes along may just take over his job. Pathetic. Or the local golf retailer selling overpriced golf clubs who gets upset when his mug face does not appear in a magazine article.

But of course, these are stories that will be told another day…

Welcome to my World.

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