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Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb dies aged 62

Robin Gibb’s finest 4 minutes and 45 seconds

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Robin Gibb’s cancer

I get a little worried when the great Robin Gibb says ‘I love food, I love eating’ – that was what gave him the cancer in the first place…

Robin Gibb feeling ‘fantastic’
Sat Feb 04 2012 16:36

Robin says he is feeling 'fantastic'.

© REUTERS/Tobias_schwarz

The Bee Gees’ Robin Gibb says he is enjoying a “spectacular” recovery from colon cancer.

The star, whose health was the subject of increasing concern in recent months, has been fighting both a twisted bowel – a condition which killed his brother Maurice nine years ago – and cancer, but has insisted that he now feels “fantastic”.

He said: “The prognosis is that it’s almost gone and I feel fantastic and really from now on it’s just what they could describe as a ‘mopping-up’ operation.

“I am very active and my sense of well-being is good.”

He added that the media storm surrounding his health had little basis in fact: “I mean the fact is, I’ve never spoken to anybody about my condition or the condition that I was in and a lot of them go over the top to the point where they’re telling me things that I didn’t even know about myself.”

The 62-year-old said his incredible bounce-back was due to having great doctors caring for him.

“I feel better than I did ten years ago. I’m active, my appetite’s fantastic, the plumbing is all in perfect working order.”

“I love food, I love eating,” he added.

Robin is planning on something of a comeback, with a concept album about the sinking of the titanic for the 100th anniversary of the disaster which he hopes to perform in London on April 10.

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