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Theatre actress Emma Yong dies aged 36

(Photo from her Facebook page)(Photo from her Facebook page)

One of Singapore’s leading lights in the arts and theatre community has gone out.

Emma Yong, better known as one-third of musical cabaret group Dim Sum Dollies, died from stomach cancer late on Wednesday night at the age of 36.

Yong had suffered a relapse of stomach cancer late last year and had to pull out of Dream Academy’s annual year-end show Crazy Christmas.

She had earlier been diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer in January 2011. It was reported that tumours were found all over her spine, womb, pelvis and kidney.

While she responded to the first course of chemotherapy and beat the cancer into remission, it relapsed last September and she soon had to resume aggressive chemotherapy sessions.

Yong is survived by her husband Jerry Lim, whom she married last year.

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