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Knockout by Suzanne Somers, Attacks Cancer Establishment by Jeffrey Dach MD

Suzanne’s new book, Knockout, relates her personal story with cancer.  In the book, she interviews three pioneering MD’s who successfully treat cancer patients with new treatments not recognized by the cancer establishment.  The book is a bold and daring move which attacks the cancer establishment.

The Establishment Fights Back- Larry King Cancelled

Suzanne’s scheduled Book Interview on the Larry King Live show was cancelled and replaced by Wolf Blitzer with nonsense content.  The cancelled Larry King Show with Suzanne included two of the doctors from her book, Stanislaw Burzynski and Nicholas Gonzalez.  Wolf says the show has been rescheduled for Friday night at 9 PM.

Why the cancellation?  I suspect the networks are being pressured by the cancer establishment not to air the show.  After all, cancer treatment is a big business, and allowing Suzanne Somers to appear will take a huge bite out of annual profits for chemotherapy, radiation and surgery treatments for cancer.  I seriously doubt the show will air at all.

The Failed War Against Cancer

Regarding cancer treatment, I sense a general feeling of frustration in the population.  On a personal note, I can tell you that many people in my community are stricken and dying from cancer with little help from the mainstream medical system.  The medical treatments with cytotoxic chemotherapy are cruel and barbaric treatments, serving to prolong agony and suffering for a few additional months.  Friends and family stand by, helplessly, watching their loved one gradually succumb.

This dismal failure of conventional cancer treatment was recently highlighted by the rapid demise of Ed Kennedy with a fatal brain tumor, a glioblastoma.  In spite of the best care available in the US, a high profile personality who had actually crafted health care legislation himself,  suffered the same dismal 6-12 month survival as anyone else.

The Time is Ripe for Health Reform

Perhaps Suzanne Somers also correctly reads this public frustration with cancer, and her new book is perfectly timed to take advantage of the changing tide of sentiment.

She trots out onto the stage three MD’s working outside of the mainstrem cancer paradigm with considerable success.  Here they are:

Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D

Dr. Burzynsi isolated peptides which have anticancer activity, and infuses these back into the cancer patient.  Results have been impressive for brain tumors, such as the one that killed Ed Kennedy, and another type of cancer called lymphomas.

James W. Forsythe M.D

Dr Forsythe has considerable success treating cancer with a nutritional supplement called Poly-MVA, invented by Merrill Garnett.

Nicholas Gonzalez MD

Dr Gonzalez treats cancer with a protocol developed by William Kelly based on the work of embryologist John Beard called the Trophoblast Theory of Cancer.  Gonzalez uses high dose pancreatic enzymes along with a detailed nutritional supplement program.  He has had considerable success with cancer remissions in advanced cases.

Rather than hailed as pioneers, all three have been hounded by regulatory agencies and persecuted for “thinking outside the box”.

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