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Good Food, Bad Food – We are indeed what we eat

I find it rather interesting that so many people find it difficult to visualize the concept of eating right.

Imagine owning a brand new car with a brand new engine. Every day, three times a day, you pour bad oil and bad stuff into the engine. Three times a day, every day. How long do you think this engine will last before it breaks down? Soon, we find the engine not as smooth as before, not as powerful and making noises you never heard before. The engine is talking to you. It is calling out for help. Your body is no different.

We eat three times a day (some people more). Each time, we pour food into our mouths. That’s three times a day times the number of years we have lived. We were all born with the most wonderful immune system there is, an immune system that man will never be able to replicate, no matter how hard we try or hard smart we are. But putting bad food in our bodies on a prolonged basis puts tremendous strain on our organs (especially the kidneys and liver) and our immune system. Facing such abuse, no immune system can function optimally. And when the immune system is compromised, diseases take over. And we still wonder why we get sick!?

Can you visualize the oil, trans fat and all the bad things we consistently pour into our mouths? Yes, they all taste good and that’s precisely why we find it so difficult to discipline ourselves when it comes to food. And the good and healthy food sometimes may taste rather bland, I will admit. But I do not go around preaching that people become vegans or eat only organic food. I believe in balance and moderation.

So what’s so difficult about moderating our diet so that we eat more healthy stuff and less of the bad stuff?

Of course some may now ask – so what is healthy stuff and what is bad stuff? That’s for another day…


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