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Default Re: Vitamin B17 – Life Without Cancer


Salam semua…..terima kasih kerana melawat kedai kak wan nie…Ada pesanan dari Mr.Anthony,”
Please check www.randolphworld.com or randolph’s world to see the miracle of using our product for the first time in medical history in hospital by 3 oncologists when all odds of orthodox medicine run out off hope to save the life of a terminal cancer patient.”


Baca jangan tak baca yek…….

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The above posting appears in a local website, WanitaMelayu.com. While I welcome fellow sufferers who are finding hope and seeking information to my website, I would caution anyone making inaccurate statements when referring to this website. For example, the above post says “by 3 oncologists”. Read my original post. I never said 3 oncologists. How can 3 oncologists be even involved when, until today, no chemotherapy has ever been done?

Be careful when quoting me. And by the way, it would also be considered courteous to check with me first before you send people to my website to support what you are selling.

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