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So far:

B17, twice, Oct 08 1-19, Dec 08 11-26 (aborted after 16 days)

Transfer Factor Plus, Nov 08/Jan 09

Cellfood, started Jan 6, 2009

Carnivora/DMSO/Lymph Drainage/Lamonica, started Jan 19, 2009 + combination of Vit C, E, Selenium, others

Blood Test Results:

Overall CEA count:

Oct 20, 08: 1850

Dec 05, 08: 1156

Jan 21, 09: 493

Alpha Fetoprotein reading (remember – its mets to the liver):

Oct 20, 08: 7.3

Dec 05, 08: 3.9

Jan 21, 09: 6

CA-199 count:

High, being managed

CA-125 count:

Oct 20, 08: 204

Dec 05, 08: 157

Jan 21, 09: 109


Cancer not only being controlled, but overall, cancer has reduced. The latest CEA count of 493 suggests that the count has dropped more than 100% since the last blood test, a good sign by any means. As always, there’s still a battle ahead, and we will fight the good fight with renewed hope and energy.

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We thought, after the impressive first round of the B17 protocol, that the second round would be what is needed to finish the job.

The second 19-day B17 protocol was very taxing on Rokiah and it is to her credit and a testimony to her great mental strength that she could withstand 16 days of vomiting and diarrhea. Why 16 days? Because at the start of the 17th day, she had a blackout at 4am and by 1pm was in hospital to correct this latest setback.

As always, we hope for better days.

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Everyone has cancer. Johns Hopkins recently reminded us of this fact while studying how most of us beat the deadly outcome: the immune system. When it identifies a cancerous cell, it attacks and eliminates it from the body. But every now and then, this system gets hoodwinked by rogue cancer cells.

Rogue cancer cells have the ability to become invisible and therefore overcome our immune system defenses. This superpower helps it invade other regions of the body. Internally, we become a playground for cancerous infection and disease. Slow death ensues. Fortunately, anyone can overcome it.

To beat rogue cancer cells, you need to eliminate their ability to become invisible. What keeps cancer cells out of sight from your immune system? Trophoblast cells. You can expose cancer for what it is – deadly – by boosting your pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatic enzymes eliminate trophoblast cells and thus reveal any underlying cancer cells to your “immunity radar” for eventual eradication.

Several natural medicines have been identified that attack trophoblast cells. The most effective are flavonoids found in broccoli; whey isolate; B-17 from the apricot seed; and curcumin (which is available at Wal-Mart).

Considering their aggressive attack on invisible cancer cells, boosting pancreatic enzymes should be a daily habit among anyone who wants to ward off the everyday occurrence of cancer.

By Shane Ellison M. Sc. (The People’s Chemist) – November 30, 2008

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heavy_artillery_203mm_m1931_b-4_3rd_belorussian_front_1944Cancer is a formidable foe. Fighting it, and defeating it, requires every ounce of energy you can muster. Everyone says a cancer patient needs a positive state of mind to fight this battle, and I don’t disagree. But having the best mental attitude isn’t going to kill the cancerous cells residing in your body. You need much more.

In the management of cancer, so-called modern medicine has only three weapons to fight this powerful enemy – surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. History, and experience, has shown that neither of the three have proven to be effective on its own. In reality, even a combination of any or all of the three have produced quite dismal results. I am not making this conclusion based on what I think. Go read the medical journals, medical case histories and the record of “success” that medical science has to offer – and you will understand what I am saying.

And so we must look elsewhere for the cure. But there is one big problem here too. It is because there are hundreds of people claiming to have the product that is the answer to curing cancer. And the ordinary guy suffering from this terrible ailment (it’s not a disease, by the way) has no way of knowing which “cure” works, and which doesn’t. And unlike a person suffering from say, gastric, a cancer patient cannot afford to experiment because of one glaring truth – he does not have much time.

In Rokiah’s case, we did not have much time. In fact, there was no time. After the surgery to remove the cancerous growth in the ascending colon, we thought things were better – at least the source of the cancer had been removed. Then the wound did not heal, and back she went to the operating table, the second time in a month. Even so, this did not warrant pushing the panic button. Not until she developed serious breathing problems. Many cancer patients do not die directly from the cancer itself, but from another organ failing or the body breaking down because the patient is just too weak or incapable of fighting this terrible enemy. In Rokiah’s case, it was the lungs weakening from the ordeal of undergoing two major operations and a long stay in hospital (read articles preceding this for the details). The prognosis from a surgeon? She did not have much time left.

In a rare move, the B17 protocol was administered on October 1st in hospital (coincidentally also the first day of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri). It probably saved her life.

It is now one month and 19 days since the 19-day B17 treatment. During this period, we have not been sitting idle – you cannot afford to do this when you are dealing with cancer. I mentioned earlier that this is a battle you have to fight from many fronts. Rokiah was on Transfer Factor Plus, whose primary job was to boost her body’s immunity, and although she has only taken this for one month, the results are encouraging. For the mental part, so important for healing, she started going for qigong on a daily basis, doing this for the last 21 days. This too has helped tremendously, albeit in a different way. Then there is the vegetable juicing, a very good way to ensure consumption of a large quantity of this raw food. Plus a few other selected supplements that aid in the fight against her cancer.

The recent blood test confirms we are on the right track. So it is time to bring in the heavy artillery. We have weakened, even killed some of the enemy, but we need to finish the job once and for all. As optimistic as I am, even I dare not predict the outcome of this looming mother-of-all-battles. Fighting cancer has never been on a level playing field, but we approach this encounter with courage, determination and great hope.

We are hoping that the second round of the B17 protocol will tilt the odds in our favor.

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The Stats:

1 month 25 days since second discharge from hospital

1 month 18 days since 19-day B17 treatment

It was time for another blood test. Since October 19, when the B17 protocol ended, Rokiah’s cancer has been managed by the following:

1. Transfer Factor Plus – high dosage, taken for 1 month (since 3.11.08)

2. Healing Qigong – started 21 days ago (since 15.11.08)

3. Juicing/other selected supplements

4. B17, only the pill form, for 6 days prior to blood test (since 26.11.08)

The Blood Test Results

Cancer markers maintained or reduced, some significantly, indicating cancer is being controlled.

Other areas, especially liver function, show normal readings.

Overall, a more promising result than previous blood test on October 20, 2008.

In the meantime, energy level and appetite have improved significantly, and ability to sleep at night (a problem previously) has also improved.

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Default Re: Vitamin B17 – Life Without Cancer


Salam semua…..terima kasih kerana melawat kedai kak wan nie…Ada pesanan dari Mr.Anthony,”
Please check www.randolphworld.com or randolph’s world to see the miracle of using our product for the first time in medical history in hospital by 3 oncologists when all odds of orthodox medicine run out off hope to save the life of a terminal cancer patient.”


Baca jangan tak baca yek…….

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The above posting appears in a local website, WanitaMelayu.com. While I welcome fellow sufferers who are finding hope and seeking information to my website, I would caution anyone making inaccurate statements when referring to this website. For example, the above post says “by 3 oncologists”. Read my original post. I never said 3 oncologists. How can 3 oncologists be even involved when, until today, no chemotherapy has ever been done?

Be careful when quoting me. And by the way, it would also be considered courteous to check with me first before you send people to my website to support what you are selling.

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“In almost all of the best rounds I’ve ever shot, I didn’t know how I stood in relation to par or what I scored until it was added up at the end. I simply played one shot at a time. For some golfers, knowing what you’re shooting is part of the fun. But to train yourself to truly play one shot at a time, I suggest you pass the scorecard to someone else and try not worrying about what you shot until you get to the 19th hole.” Raymond Floyd, professional golfer, PGA Tour/Champions Tour

Very good advice indeed. Play one shot at a time, what has happened has happened, do not worry to death (no pun intended) about what is coming ahead. Concentrate and focus on the moment, and give it your best shot (funny, how the word ‘shot’ keeps coming up).

B17 has been quite a revelation when it was first tried three weeks ago. I would even say a minor miracle took place. But, like other mere mortals, we expect bigger miracles to come our way. After round one of the protocol, what did the report card show? My friend KS Cheah told the story perfectly in this posting.

For us, its not quite one shot at a time. Its one day at a time. And we still believe miracles will happen.

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