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Colon cancer is a strange beast. The polyp takes it own time to grow and in many cases, there are no symptoms at all. Many times, a person suffering from colon, or bowel cancer has no symptoms or pain for 5-6 years. A yearly colonoscopy is the only way to detect the cancer and when discovered, the chances of full recovery is more than 90%. Once the pain starts, it may be in its 3rd or 4th stage, with chances of a full recovery diminishing by the week.

In Rokiah’s case, the pain in the lower right abdomen started in late 2007. But like so many of us, we looked for easy ways to ease the pain – vitamins, health supplements, visits to the local medicine man (sinsehs) and for that matter, anyone else who promises relief without having to undergo more pain. The pain went away, but came back with a vengeance in September 2008.

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