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Carnivora – quite a unique alternative cancer treatment. Does it work? It works very well for early stage cancers, with a good success rate for more advanced cancers. In the full protocol, Carnivora is used with three other powerful substances – DMSO, Lymph Drainage and Lamonica (seaweed derived).

DISCLAIMER: Having used Carnivora in Rokiah’s case, I am now not confident that this treatment will get the job done. It may be wiser to look for other treatments for late stage cancers. (Updated October 2009)

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So far:

B17, twice, Oct 08 1-19, Dec 08 11-26 (aborted after 16 days)

Transfer Factor Plus, Nov 08/Jan 09

Cellfood, started Jan 6, 2009

Carnivora/DMSO/Lymph Drainage/Lamonica, started Jan 19, 2009 + combination of Vit C, E, Selenium, others

Blood Test Results:

Overall CEA count:

Oct 20, 08: 1850

Dec 05, 08: 1156

Jan 21, 09: 493

Alpha Fetoprotein reading (remember – its mets to the liver):

Oct 20, 08: 7.3

Dec 05, 08: 3.9

Jan 21, 09: 6

CA-199 count:

High, being managed

CA-125 count:

Oct 20, 08: 204

Dec 05, 08: 157

Jan 21, 09: 109


Cancer not only being controlled, but overall, cancer has reduced. The latest CEA count of 493 suggests that the count has dropped more than 100% since the last blood test, a good sign by any means. As always, there’s still a battle ahead, and we will fight the good fight with renewed hope and energy.

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