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“In almost all of the best rounds I’ve ever shot, I didn’t know how I stood in relation to par or what I scored until it was added up at the end. I simply played one shot at a time. For some golfers, knowing what you’re shooting is part of the fun. But to train yourself to truly play one shot at a time, I suggest you pass the scorecard to someone else and try not worrying about what you shot until you get to the 19th hole.” Raymond Floyd, professional golfer, PGA Tour/Champions Tour

Very good advice indeed. Play one shot at a time, what has happened has happened, do not worry to death (no pun intended) about what is coming ahead. Concentrate and focus on the moment, and give it your best shot (funny, how the word ‘shot’ keeps coming up).

B17 has been quite a revelation when it was first tried three weeks ago. I would even say a minor miracle took place. But, like other mere mortals, we expect bigger miracles to come our way. After round one of the protocol, what did the report card show? My friend KS Cheah told the story perfectly in this posting.

For us, its not quite one shot at a time. Its one day at a time. And we still believe miracles will happen.

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