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This is interesting and it comes from a Malaysian-based web site by Dr. Chris KH Teo and his wife Ch’ng Beng Im.

Ten Questions About The World’s Most Well Fought Battle Against Colon Cancer PDF Print E-mail

I give this article the title – the World’s most well fought battle… Why? This is because the man involved in this battle against colon cancer, Tony Snow, used to walk along the corridors of power in the most powerful political office on earth. For many of us in Malaysia, what happens in the United States of America is always the greatest and the best. What America says we agree or have to agree and what America does we follow or eventually have to follow. I would imagine that the most powerful man on earth would be able to do something great to help his beloved staff and fellowman who was in great distress. I believe that Snow would have gotten the best – the best advice, the best doctor, the best drugs and the best hospital – for him to fight his war against cancer. So, to me, this battle against cancer would probably be the most well fought battle ever waged in America – the world’s most powerful nation.

The facts:

  1. Tony Snow was the press secretary for President George Bush – the current (2008) president of the United States of America.
  2. He was married and had three school-going children. His mother also had colon cancer and died when Snow was 17.
  3. Snow was first diagnosed with stage three colon cancer in 2005.
  4. After surgery he underwent six months of chemotherapy.
  5. He was said to be cancer-free after the medical treatments. He was appointed President Bush’s press secretary in May 2006.
  6. In late March 2007, Snow’s cancer reappeared in his abdomen and also his liver.
  7. He underwent surgery in April 2007 followed by more chemotherapy.
  8. Slightly more than a year later, Snow died at the Georgetown University Hospital – on a Saturday morning in July 2008. He was 53 years old.

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